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About the Company

Our Purpose, Vision, and Values

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About the Company: About the Company
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Unlimited opportunities exist in the world of chemical industry. Our purpose - our reason to exist, one should say - is to serve the broad chemical needs of our customer. Becoming a trusted partner for our customers is what we thrive to be, both domestically and internationally. Simply said, we deliver chemicals with a great chemistry.

About the Company: About Us
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Our vision is really what we are aspire to do as a company. We are aiming to further expose Indonesia to international market by growing and nurturing a limitless potential in chemical industry. Growing sustainably is we sought after. Growing means we improve the company to be better in every aspect. Sustainably means we aim to exist and keep developing for years to come.

About the Company: About Us
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We are customer obsessed.

Our aim is that what we do will always be satisfactory for our customer, valuing customer' satisfaction as our number one priority.

We are professional.

Our company works with integrity and honesty. We are aiming to always do the right thing for what we do, maintaining high performance in service and quality.

We are improving.

Our company is humble enough to keep the attitude to keep learning. We are trying to be better each day, continuously learning and improving. 

About the Company: About Us
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